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“Tirados” (Thrown Away) is a feature length documentary currently in production whose focus is the plight of children and adolescents who are addicted to a potent industrial glue containing the chemical toluene. The documentary location is an unspecified but well known South American city (not named for safety concerns until production is finished) currently experiencing a toluene inhalant abuse epidemic. Utilizing observational mode, the documentary follows a group of children and adolescents as young as ten who routinely inhale toluene, as they try to negotiate the city’s mean streets.

Toluene, it should be noted, is an organic solvent that has many industrial applications. Its primary use is to dissolve things such as paint, thinners and various industrial adhesives. However it has the unfortunate ability to produce a narcotic like high when inhaled. When used as a drug its effects are very powerful, capable of doing massive harm to human tissue—especially brain matter. It is also extremely addictive. Because it is very cheap and easily available, it is abused in places where high rates of poverty and unemployment are the norm—particularly by young children. The abuse of toluene has a particular affinity for other social evils such as child homelessness and child prostitution which combine to form a miserable cycle of dependency, poverty and exploitation.

The film’s intent is to present this widespread and growing international problem on a very personal scale by cultivating empathy for its sufferers—especially girls, who are more often sexually exploited as addicts. The film actively explores salient factors to drive meaningful change; Tirados qualifies the dangers of Toluene, examines the conditions that allow the epidemic to rage and presents the specific challenges. The film culminates by exploring effective intervention/prevention programs around the world in order to save these thrown away children.

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