Production Team

Jackie Rivet-River, Producer

Jackie, who won an Emmy Award for her documentary "Too Flawed to Fix" about the injustices of the American capital punishment system, began her film career in Chicago at the Fred A. Niles Communications Center—now Harpo Productions.

Among the projects she has written, produced and directed are: Where Is Dead? for Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Films which won a Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival, and 12 additional awards nationally; Planned Parenthood's 50th Anniversary, dozens of half-hour specials for NBC and ABC television that included issues such as latchkey children, battered women, programs for persons with AIDS, ad civil rights for gays and lesbians, protesting the School of the Americas, and children of war; an ABC-TV Network special for the National Council of Churches Someone is Listening: Teens from Crisis to Caring with host Walter Payton; an anti-nuclear film If The World Goes Away Where Will the Children Play? narrated by James Earl Jones with an original score by Martin Rubenstein played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Peace Like A River, aired on PBS-TV with hostess Ellen Burstyn and others.

Robert Williams, Writer and Director

As a seasoned art director working for the past 12 years in the New York advertising business, Robert helped create ad campaigns for large corporations such as Sharp USA and GE Healthcare. However it was on a trip to South America when he’d discovered a new, more fulfilling calling: using his creative ability to help disadvantaged people in crisis. Utilizing the documentary form, Robert seeks to take the viewer into a dangerous world to portray those whose suffering goes unrecognized. Robert’s aim with Tirados is to elicit a deeper empathy for the film’s subjects, who, as child addicts and prostitutes, have been abandoned by society and completely isolated by their circumstance.

Alexandra Nichols, Associate Producer

After earning her degree in Art History and English Literature at SUNY Purchase College, Alexandra began working as an archivist for the US National Parks service. Recently she finished a research project that involved collecting the voluminous field notes, journals, drawings, papers and other materials of her own grandfather's work, the naturalist, John Nichols. Now she's putting her research acumen to work as a producer of Tirados. According to Nichols, "Toluene abuse is a complex problem that others have been trying solve for a long time. This is something that's been raging since the 1980's, so it's important to understand its history to understand the predicament of our subjects. By putting it all together, by having a good overview of the problem—of what countries have been successful in dealing with this, and just why others have not, who is responsible, etc., we have a real chance at tackling this."

Joseph Sannicandro, Producer of Marketing and Distribution, Publicist

Joseph, who earned his Masters in Communication Studies from McGill University, will be working in a dual capacity for the Tirados production. First he'll be working to help Tirados reach its fundraising goal utilizing his expertise in social media, as well as skills he's developed as a freelance journalist. Later his responsibilities will shift to publicizing the finished film. According to Joe, "Tirados is a project whose success is largely dependant on building a community online from the crowd that cares enough about certain issues so that the film gets made. The next step will be to expand that community into an audience. Then hopefully, the film's storytelling goal of getting the audience to care also, will be accomplished. It's very exciting."

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